Table Top Evening

Tonight’s meeting was a practical table top evening. There was a wide variety of items to photograph and just as many lighting setups being used. It was a lot less formal than normal but a good chance to learn some new skills and discuss the latest Nikon and Canon camera bodies.

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18th Jan: Battle of the Sexes

There are more men than women in NWBCC, but the Battle of the Sexes competition was a close-run thing. The men won, helped by some excellent wildlife images from Ralph Snook. Our judge, Steph, is an artist not a photographer, which gave fresh insight into what makes a good image. As our chairman, Ray, said, we didn’t hear “the rule of thirds” or “not quite sharp” once all evening.

A number of images scored 20/20, some shown here. Ladies first, so the three upper images (In the waterfall, Petrel with wave, Waiting for lunch) are theirs. The lower images are the men’s (Reflections, Second Severn Crossing, Up with mum)

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14th Dec: Quarterly Competition: Industry

Peter Spearing suggested the topic (although unfortunately was not able to be there on the evening). “Industry” was obviously to the advantage of our President, Peter Ruck, as he bagged both 1st with Noughts and Crosses, and 3rd= with Fishing Industry. Sandie Cox was 2nd with Glass Making, and Neville Goodman’s Silos was 3rd=.

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Image of the Year 2011

Image of the Year 2011 was held on 7th December. Jason Eastham had many of his superb prints in the competition and duly won both mono and colour sections, with his colour “Cathedral” winning print of the year. Sandie Cox’s “Street football” was projected image of the year.

Mono Prints:

1st Jason Eastham – Purton Wrecks in infra red

2nd Jason Eastham – What kind of cheese was that

3rd Jason Eastham – Bristol Cathedral

Colour Prints:

1st and IoY Jason Eastham – Cathedral

2nd Neville Goodman Orange Ladder

3rd Jason Eastham Can I come in

Projected Images:

1st and IoY Sandie Cox – Street Football

2nd Pete Cannard – Oh

3rd Ralph Snook – Slow Crossing

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Bleadon Battle 6th Dec

On 6th December, the Club came a creditable second at a very enjoyable four-way battle hosted by Bleadon Photographic Group. We came second in all three rounds (mono prints, colour prints, and projected images), and scored 270 (out of a possible 300) to Thornbury’s 273.

Four of our images (see above) scored the maximum 20: Jason Eastham’s mono “To War”; Pete Farmer’s colour “Lily” and Neville Goodman’s “Smoo Cave”; and Ralph Snook’s projected “Laid back mum”. The judge commented that Laid back mum” might have been better more tightly cropped, which made us think Ralph could have scored 21 out of 20.

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Club Competition Round 2

We recently held round 2 of our club competition, congratulations to the winners. The results were 1st ‘MacFly’, 2nd ‘Martial Flight’, 3rd ‘Slow Crossing’. Highly Commended was ‘Field Pattern’.

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Do you use flickr?

This is just a quick reminder to anyone who is not registered with flickr. In case you don’t know, flickr is a photo sharing website, it is free to register and start uploading images. These images can then be viewed by millions of other users worldwide.

What’s more, the images can be sorted into groups. We at the NWBCC have two groups, the Members Gallery, as the name suggests, is for members of the club only. There are limits on the number of images that can be uploaded and those that are uploaded are not only displayed on flickr but also on the NWBCC website.

The NWBCC Group is open to anybody and currently has over 60 members and more than 400 images. You can add as many images as you like under any theme. We have contributors from all over the world. This is the place to put all the event images that you have from the Festival of Nature etc.

So give it a try.

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Club visit to Purton

Just a reminder to everybody that the visit to Purton takes place this Wednesday 15 June. Meet at the earlier time of 6.30pm, at Neville’s house from where we can car share as appropriate. As well as the wrecks themselves, a walk along the Sharpness Canal should also prove interesting.

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Visit to Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve Part II

On the evening of Wednesday 8th June a group of 10 Club members enjoyed a walk around Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve. Although a stiff breeze lent a slight chill to the air, this didn’t deter the suitably garbed participants from exploring the well laid out tracks of the Reserve, viewing the birdlife on the ponds and pools from the comfortable wooden hides and venturing onto the foreshore of the Severn Estuary.

Sandwiched between the ongoing residential development around Portishead and the more industrial landscape of Portbury and Avonmouth docks, there was plenty of interest within the mix of rural/semi wetland/estuarine landscape. The initially rather gloomy weather conditions eventually gave way to periods of late sunshine with some great lighting conditions for those patient enough to wait. As the the group made its way back to the cars, with the light beginning to fade , the appearance of a barn owl quartering the field near the reserve entrance in search of voles and mice was a bonus addition to an enjoyable evening.

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Visit to Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve

Wednesday 8th June was supposed to be a club battle, but that fell through, so an evening trip to Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve is planned.

Because the 8th June is the date for handing in entries for Round 2 of the 2011 Club Competition, we will meet at Neville’s house at 6.30pm, and go from there to Portbury. This will also make it easier for anyone who wants to hand in entries but not go on to Portbury.

Anyone who has only projected images to enter, and is not going on to Portbury, please e-mail their entries to Neville.

See ClubTalk for more information and directions to Neville’s house.

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