Oct 3rd: Quarterly competition: Holiday shots

Sandie Cox won with her magnificent photograph Masai sunset. Neville Goodman scraped into second place with Gone Paddling just ahead of Jason Eastham’s On the Beach, and Ray Cottrell’s wonderful snatched Ice cream break was fourth.

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19th Sept: Round Three of the 2012 Competition

Jason and Ralph are racing for the line after Round Three!

MONO PRINTS. Upper row from L to R: 3rd: Jason Eastham – Elan Valley; 2nd: Ralph Snook – Rush to get across; 1st: Jason Eastham – Auschwitz Poland. Lower row: HC: Ralph Snook – Approaching storm; Jason Eastham – Bristol cathedral.

COLOUR PRINTS: Upper row from L to R: 3rd: Jason Eastham – Ripples; 2nd: Ralph Snook – Early breakfast; 1st Ralph Snook -Two by two. Lower row: HC: Ralph Snook – Flamingo race; Sandie Cox – Rock pipit; Jason Eastham – Steps to the pulpit; Neville Goodman – Tuft of grass.

PROJECTED: Upper row from L to R: 3rd: Marian Hilton – Fire ball; 2nd: Sandie Cox – Window reflections; 1st: Ralph Snook – Leopards In Golden Grass. Lower row: HC: Gordon Lewis – Chairs and bush; Ralph Snook – Hovering Pied Kingfisher; Sandie Cox – Arctic Landscape.

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May 30th: Up the Wills

There was a good turnout to visit the Wills Tower. We had two excellent guides in Dave and Jim, who showed us things of interest within the Tower as well as from the top. We were glad of earplugs at 8pm! Most of the £3 entry fee goes to charity, and it was a really worthwhile trip.

Looking at the bell.

At the top of the Tower.

Council House to Cabot Tower.

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May 23rd: Round Two of the 2012 Competition

Round Two was judged by Keith Cooper, and I don’t think anyone disagreed with his choice of winners – even if it looks as if we’ll need to take Ralph Snook’s passport away if anyone stands a chance of catching him this year. Jason Eastham made a resurgence, so there’s still hope.

The mono print winners were:

Ralph Snook – Arctic winter (HC); Ralph Snook – Flight pattern (3rd); Jason Eastham – The final gallop (2nd); Jason Eastham – A walk on the dark side (1st)

The colour print winners were:

Jason Eastham – Fantasy flower (HC); Sandie Cox – Detail statue Recoleta Cemetary Buenos Aires (3rd); Neville Goodman – Reflected power (2nd); Ralph Snook – Play with me please (1st)

The projected image winners were:

Top row:
Marian Hilton – Starlings filling the sky (3rd); Pete Farmer – Coming and going (2nd); Ralph Snook – Leopard adult and cub (1st)
Bottom row:
Ralph Snook – Black skimmer; Gill Dix – Rose Pink (both HC)
Round Three is Sept 19th. Only 11 members have entered images so far this year – get out and take some photographs!!

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Mar 21st: Quarterly Competition: Street Photography

The topic was chosen by Peter Ruck, who had won the previous competition. It was a shame that the entry was well down from normal, although there were plenty of people there on the night to vote. There was a clear winner: Pete Farmer’s “Coming and going”, but the other places were much closer. Sandie Cox was placed second with “Dancing in the street”, and Marian Hilton just made it onto the podium in third place with “Whiteladies Road ‘improvements’!” before Jason Eastham’s fourth placed “So that’s a deal then”.

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22nd Feb: Round One of the 2012 Competition

This year, we have increased the number of Rounds to four – which is a good job if anyone wants to catch up with Ralph Snook. Images in the categories mono print, colour print and projected are shown 1st, 2nd and 3rd from left to right. (NB The prints are shown here as digital snapshots of the mounted prints.)

Baby elephant – Ralph Snook; Wide angle pride – Ralph Snook; Winter steam – Jason Eastham

Pelicans at dawn – Ralph Snook; Hornbill taking flight – Ralph Snook; Redwing – Sandie Cox

Kittiwake frenzy – Ralph Snook; Flamingos at dawn – Ralph Snook; The kite – Marian Hilton

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19th Feb: WCPF DPIC at Exeter

Last year we came 28th out of about 60 entered clubs; this year we improved on that and came 10th out of 50. Although we had no really high scoring images, neither did we have any low scoring ones, and that kept our average up well. Here are four of our higher scoring images:

Arctic summer – Ralph Snook Halfway there – Jason Eastham

Playing with heroes – Sandie Cox Ten – Pete Cannard

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Table Top Evening

Tonight’s meeting was a practical table top evening. There was a wide variety of items to photograph and just as many lighting setups being used. It was a lot less formal than normal but a good chance to learn some new skills and discuss the latest Nikon and Canon camera bodies.

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18th Jan: Battle of the Sexes

There are more men than women in NWBCC, but the Battle of the Sexes competition was a close-run thing. The men won, helped by some excellent wildlife images from Ralph Snook. Our judge, Steph, is an artist not a photographer, which gave fresh insight into what makes a good image. As our chairman, Ray, said, we didn’t hear “the rule of thirds” or “not quite sharp” once all evening.

A number of images scored 20/20, some shown here. Ladies first, so the three upper images (In the waterfall, Petrel with wave, Waiting for lunch) are theirs. The lower images are the men’s (Reflections, Second Severn Crossing, Up with mum)

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14th Dec: Quarterly Competition: Industry

Peter Spearing suggested the topic (although unfortunately was not able to be there on the evening). “Industry” was obviously to the advantage of our President, Peter Ruck, as he bagged both 1st with Noughts and Crosses, and 3rd= with Fishing Industry. Sandie Cox was 2nd with Glass Making, and Neville Goodman’s Silos was 3rd=.

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