Image of the Year 2011

Image of the Year 2011 was held on 7th December. Jason Eastham had many of his superb prints in the competition and duly won both mono and colour sections, with his colour “Cathedral” winning print of the year. Sandie Cox’s “Street football” was projected image of the year.

Mono Prints:

1st Jason Eastham – Purton Wrecks in infra red

2nd Jason Eastham – What kind of cheese was that

3rd Jason Eastham – Bristol Cathedral

Colour Prints:

1st and IoY Jason Eastham – Cathedral

2nd Neville Goodman Orange Ladder

3rd Jason Eastham Can I come in

Projected Images:

1st and IoY Sandie Cox – Street Football

2nd Pete Cannard – Oh

3rd Ralph Snook – Slow Crossing

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