Bristol Projected Image Expo.

The Bristol Projected Image Expo was found in 2008 with the inclusion of digital photography section. The Expo has been found by the photographic clubs around Bristol for many years and continues to draw many talents worldwide. It’s an all open exhibition, where people in every age group can enter and have a chance to win the prize. The digital photography section will be in the wildlife and metropolitan categories.
The deadline for submission is 8 July 2013.

The wildlife category features a wide range of photos that captures the wildlife in their natural environment. Each photo will be assessed by our top judges from the Bristol Photo Society.

The metropolitan category features the photos taken in any urban environment. Since the 2010 competition, we have excluded portraits due to our change in judgment criteria. This category will be judged by Bristol University realism photography club.

Mitchell Salon

The deadline to submit our photos for the annual Mitchell Salon is coming up. Our category is ‘Nature/Wildlife’. Remember that the longer it takes to submit our photos the further back our seats will be for our works during the exhibition. We will share our entry photos at our next meeting on October 5th. The deadline for the submission is Dec 11th.