This site is no longer maintained. But if you’re interested in the North West Bristol Camera Club, then https://sites.google.com/site/northwestbristolcc is where you want to be.

See you there!

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Mar 6th: Quarterly Competition – Repetition

Q rep

There was a good and imaginative entry of 73 images. The winner – on both the first round and the second round – was Pete Farmer’s ‘Abandon hope all ye who’, closely followed after a second round surge by Marian Hilton’s ‘Bristol Blue repeat’. Third was Peter Ruck’s ‘Posers’, and fourth was Jim Marshall’s ‘Pillars’. So Pete Farmer will be choosing the topic for the next quarterly on June 12th.

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Feb 20th: Round One of 2013 Competition

It was good to see some new (and some returning) names on the winning sheet after the first round of this year’s annual competition. Mono1

Mono prints: 1st Cheetah with cub – Ralph Snook; 2nd Old Red – Jim Marshall; 3rd Room with a view – Pete Spearing; HC Collateral damage – Jason Eastham;        C Dawn breath – Ralph Snook



Colour prints: 1st Serenity – Peter Ruck; 2nd Black collared hawk – Ralph Snook; 3rd Max- Jim Marshall; HC The Russian Queen – Jim Marshall; C – Tyntesfield autumn – Pete Spearing.




Projected: 1st Jewellery with attitude – Jim Marshall; 2nd Fledgling – Sandie Cox; 3rd In safe hands – Marian Hilton; HC Blackbird feeding – Ralph Snook & Last light – Peter Ruck; C The Roundabouts – Pete Cannard

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10th Feb: WCPF DPIC at Exeter

28th in 2011, 10th in 2012 – we slipped a bit and came 20th= this year. The important thing is taking part, and we must feel encouraged to try harder in 2014!

The top score for an image was 15, and we had three images that scored 12:


Red-billed oxpecker on cape buffalo (Sandie Cox); Jabiru stork with fish, and Coqui heron with catch (Ralph Snook). As in previous years, in general, nature images tended to score higher.

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Annual Battle With Isle of Man Photographic Society

This week we completed our annual battle with Iom PS. Thirty images from each club were judged in the IoM and at NWBCC each image being given a score out of 20. The IoM judge gave scores in a narrow range from 12 – 16, while the NWBCC judge (Mike Curtis, who was very good) gave scores from 10 – 20.

The results were

  • Iom Judge          Bristol   418   Iom   414
  • NWBCC Judge   Bristol   466   Iom   441

The IoM judge gave ‘Best Image’ to The Final Gallop by Jason Eastham from NWBCC. Mike Curtis did not name a best image but gave 2 images 20. ‘Bandsman’ by Sue Jones from IoM, and ‘Leopard Adult and Cub’ by Ralph Snook of NWBCC. See Images below.

An excellent result for us, well done to all authors. I have the full results available if anyone would like to see them.
Ralph (ralph.snook@o2.co.uk)

30 - The Final Gallop

09 - Bandsman


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12th Dec: Quarterly competition – Footwear

Previous winner Sandie Cox had suggested ‘footwear’, and there was lots of imagination on show among the entries.

Winner (top R) was Jim Marshall with The Funeral; 2nd (top centre) was Marilyn Adams with At the temple door; 3rd was Tony Cropper with Follower of Fashion. Jason Eastham’s A bit of gardening came 4th, and 5th equal were Jim Marshall’s Wellies for walking dogs and Pete Farmer’s Ooh those boots.

We await Jim’s choice of subject for the first Quarterly Comp of 2013, which will be on March 6th.


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6th Dec: Image of the Year 2012

The mono print section belonged to Ralph Snook and Jason Eastham. Jason took first place with Winter Steam** and The Final Gallop; Ralph took third place with Coqui Heron with Catch. Highly commended: Arctic Glacier and Flight Pattern (Ralph Snook); Auschwitz Poland and Bristol Cathedral (Jason Eastham).

First placed in the Colour Print section was Ralph Snook’s Flamingo Race, which also won Print of the Year. Second was Peter Ruck’s Late at the Office**, and third was Porpoising Penguin by Sandie Cox. Sandie also had three Highly Commended: Detail Recoleta Cemetery, Rock Pipit and Spotted Deer. The other HC was Ralph Snook’s Play with me please.

**bright artefact caused by photographing the print in its mount

Peter Ruck won Projected Image of the Year with Time for a Pipe. Sandie Cox was second with Arctic Landscape and Ralph Snook third with Leopard Adult and Cub. Ralph also had three HC: Flamingos at Dawn, Jabiru Stork with Fish, and Kittiwake Frenzy. Marian Hilton was HC for Starlings Filling the Sky.

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7th Nov: Round Four of the 2012 Competition

Ralph confirmed his overall dominance of 2012, with Jason in hot pursuit, but between them they had to be satisfied with lesser places in Round Four.


MONO PRINTS. Upper row: 3rd Ralph Snook – The Crossing; 2nd Ralph Snook – Coqui heron with catch; 1st Neville Goodman – Thistledown. Lower row: HC: Jason Eastham – Block 10 Dachau Poland; Jason Eastham – Swanage Pier.

COLOUR PRINTS. Upper row: 3rd Spotted deer – Sandie Cox; 2nd Gordon Lewis – Portrait of David; 1st Ox pecker on Cape Buffalo – Sandie Cox. Lower row: HC: Watching the ocean – Neville Goodman; Running flamingo – Ralph Snook.

PROJECTED. Upper row: 3rd Mal de mer – Pete Farmer; 2nd Jabiru stork with fish – Ralph Snook; 1st Peacock – Neville Goodman. Lower row: HC: Cornflower – Cyril Chapman; Solitude – Gill Dix.


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Oct 10th: We make it to the dockside!!

Eight of us made a successful excursion to the dockside – for once, an NWBCC outing when there wasn’t rain! It was too late in the year, and there was too much cloud cover, for any light in the sky, but we had lots of fun experimenting with high ISO and long shutter times. More than once we wandered unknowingly in front of someone else’s open shutter, but the exposures were long enough that it rarely mattered.

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Oct 3rd: Quarterly competition: Holiday shots

Sandie Cox won with her magnificent photograph Masai sunset. Neville Goodman scraped into second place with Gone Paddling just ahead of Jason Eastham’s On the Beach, and Ray Cottrell’s wonderful snatched Ice cream break was fourth.

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